At-home International Education in Vietnamese Universities: Impact on Graduates Employability and Career Prospects

  • 31/03/2022
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This article reports a study that explored how at-home international education, known as advanced programs, offered by vietnamese universities contributes to students employability and career prospects. Data included 30 interviews with third- and fourth-year students, two institutional reports, and a national report on the progress of these programs after 10years of implementation. The data were analyzed using a content-analysis approach. The results showed that advanced programs could help students develop human capital, expand their social network, enrich cultural understanding via mobility, enhance their career adaptability, and develop professional identity. However, despite quality learning outcomes, approximately one-third of graduates appeared not to successfully secure relevant employment within a year post-graduation. This article explains possible factors causing the gap between students employability and employment outcomes and suggests ways to fill the gap. 2019, Springer nature b.V.

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