Associations Between Depression Literacy and Help-seeking Behavior for Mental Health Services Among High School Students

  • 31/03/2022
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Despite the growth in school-based mental health services (sbmhs), rates of mental health help-seeking among adolescents remain low, especially for ethnic minority youth. This study examined factors associated with adolescents help-seeking of mental health services among a sample of 369 racially diverse high school students (age m = 15.5Years, sd = 0.72, 81.3% Were ethnic minorities). We examined the relationships among mental health literacy for depression, knowledge barriers related to services and providers, perceived stigmatization by others, emotional/behavioral difficulties, and actual help-seeking behavior. Logistic regression results showed that adolescents with higher mental health literacy for depression and more emotional/behavioral difficulties are more likely to report seeking help in general and from providers outside of school specifically, but not for services inside of school alone. Asian-american students were less likely to seek help than caucasian peers. It is important to promote mental health literacy to encourage help-seeking among high school students. 2019, Springer science+business media, llc, part of springer nature.

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