An Evaluation of University World Geography Textbook Questions for Components of Spatial Thinking

  • 31/03/2022
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Geography textbooks contain chapter or review questions that may engage students in spatial thinking. This research used jo and bednarz’s (2009) taxonomy of spatial thinking to evaluate the percentage of spatial thinking questions in four university-level world geography course textbooks. The results from this study were then compared to the findings in jo and bednarz’s (2009) analysis of high school geography textbooks. Thirty-five percent of university level textbook questions are related to spatial thinking compared to twenty-four percent in high school geography textbooks. The results provide information useful to stakeholders, such as teachers, administrators, and textbook writers and may help these stakeholders to consciously incorporate the three components of spatial thinking as defined by the national research council (2006). A simplified taxonomy for identifying spatial-thinking concepts in textbook review questions is also suggested. 2014 2014 National council for geographic education.

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