Academies and Woodblocks in the Dissemination of Confucian Knowledge in East Asia: a Case Study of Vietnamese Educationist Nguyn Huy Onh and His Diplomatic Mission to China from 1766 to 1767

  • 31/03/2022
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In the second half of the eighteenth century, nguyn huy onh along with scholars from the nguyn huy clan founded phc giang academy, one of the most famous confucian academies of the day in vietnam. Nguyn huy onh visited eleven academies [shuyuan] on his diplomatic mission to china from 1766 to 1767. Among the academies, education methods in yuelu academy impressed him the most. Prior to his diplomatic mission to china, nguyn huy onh, however, had held some academic activities in vietnam such as opening a school, organizing compilations, making woodblock prints, disseminating education, archiving educational materials, and purchasing land (the income from which was used to support a school) etc. To be sure, nguyn huy onh after his return from china selectively adopted education methods of yuelu academy to manage phc giang academy. The academy was located in central vietnam where confucian education was far behind that in northern vietnam and underdeveloped. As a result of nguyns operation, phc giang academy became the largest private educational institution of the day in vietnam. 2018 Taiwan journal of east asian studies. All rights reserved.

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