A Computer-based Model for Assessing English Writing Skills for Vietnamese Efl Learners

  • 31/03/2022
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This study aims to investigate the computerized assessment of english learners’ writing ability in the writing tests in view of the use of computer-assisted language learning (call) for vietnamese learners of english as a foreign language (vietnamese efl learners) in vietnam. It explores the possibility of using computers to assess learners’ writing abilities to prepare language learners for the standardized tests through the analysis of data from the posttests and the theoretical interpretation of second language acquisition (sla). The focus of the study was on a survey of intermediate level students of english taking writing posttests at a vietnamese university. The writing tests were collected, scored and categorized into fivepoint levels. The results of the study showed the statistical significance for the writing tests (p<0.05). The effective implementation of a scoring model was suggested to assess students' writing performance and may provide the foundation for further research in the computerized assessment in semantic aspects to design and implement innovative technology-mediated tasks for assessing academic english proficiency.

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